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In stock: new and used lattice towers and pipe poles at German Towers

German Towers can present an attractive assortment of different lattice towers, pipe poles, flat masts as well as wide range of spare parts. Here, we will show only a representative selection. Our stock changes permanently, please get in contact with us soon. We will check availabilities of towers and accessories immediately.


Currently available, May 2017:

lattice towers, coated with green color   large numbers of new, solid lattice masts of heights from 8 up to 18 meters, for various applications

spreading on foundation 600/800 mm, conically shaped, galvanized and coated in color

pipe pylons in stock  

New pipe poles for support of cameras, advertisements, wind craft systems as well as for radio or radar

new radio delay tower of 50 m height  

New radio delay pole of  50 m height

Very stabile lattice tower for carrying high Lords

with Söll Aluminium-fixed ladder,  HV-bolt connections, 3 platforms, extension arm for mounting antenna, all technical documentations available

lattice towers on stock   15-20 new and used lattice poles of 20 -45 m height for expanding radio delay routes 

Additionally on stock:

large numbers of insulated technology containers