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Purchase and sale of high-quality lattice masts and pipe poles

Towers for radio relay systems, telecommunication, wind craft turbines, advertisement poles and many more

Lattice masts as well as pipe poles are used very different areas of technology. The exposed height, which is required to install the technical items, makes these masts useful, where radio waves have to be distributed over a wide area.

For this reason German Towers, offers masts for directional radio or telecommunication, but also for wind power systems up to heights of 100 meters. Moreover German Towers sells lattice towers for high-voltage lines and overhead lines. For installing wind power systems we can offer an extensive range of various tube towers.


Accessories for your tower systems

For safe operation your tower systems we offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts.

Example: Obstruction light to mark obstructions to air traffic according to administrative rules and ICAO (Low Intensity Type A)


Purchase and maintenance of your used towers

German Towers offers to purchase your used masts. Our team comes to visit and organise professional dismantling of existing system on your business area or your private ground. Furthermore we are managing the transportation of the parts. The payments depend on the conditions and on the weight of the masts.

German Towers presents a wide range of maintenance and repair services for your operating towers systems. The lattice masts and pipe pylons consists of steel. For this reason a rust protection and surface coating has to be done regularly.


Installation and logistical solutions

Installing towers at dizzying heights can be a dangerous business. German Towers runs a experienced team, specialized in mounting and dismounting masts quickly and professionally. Get in contact with German Towers. We will provide an individual offer as well as an elaborate logistic concept for transporting towers and spares parts. We, the team of German Towers, are looking forward to a successful cooperation with you.


Current references to realized projects by German Towers


Recently realized: radio installation for Kühlanlagen Donhauser with one new lattice tower,  height 20 m 

Together with Wind Nielsen GmbH we are realizing projects, dealing with used pipe poles for wind craft turbines.

Mounting a lattice tower in Versmold       Installing a lattice tower by crane   


Mounting of a lattice tower, 48 m high


It is a 3-legged, before dismantled mast, has been reused in no time. The tower has been completely delivered with new HV-connections and has been mounted with a fixed ladder system to a corner leg.

There are more towers of this series at height from 18 m up to 48 m available.

 Installation of a temporary mast    

Aluminium telescopic mast, 25 m high

The advantages:

Quick and easy to install (1 h for two persons only)

Manual or electrical driven expendable, continuously expandable up to 25 m, plus optionally extension up to 31 m or up to 37 m (on request)

Installation up to +/-10 % ground inclination, 2000 N (2 m2) wind load without guying (guyed up to 10000 N possible), load capacity min. 170 kg, absolutely free of play precision rolls (8 pieces each thrust) suitable for optical applications, loaded on trailer approx. 3.5 t (dead weight of trailer 1.5 t) with NATO drawbar eye, measurements of segments approx. 5 m, height of trailer 265 cm (at horizontal levelling), width 2.4 m, manual or electrical operation of winch by 2 x 12 V batteries, min. 35Ah.


Mobile towers for rent

German Towers rents mobile masts such as military masts or crane towers for temporary use.

So we can offer interim solutions for mobile radio or radio-relay technologies or for documentation of construction sites and many more. Our towers are ready to radio relay and can be installed in very short time.

These are so called SMAG military masts, stored on wheels. This sort can be telescoped up to 25 m. As for mobile constructions, there is no need for a building permit (Attention: depending on the state).

Light, mobile Aluminium mast, as carrier for:

  • Wind craft systems
  • Trunked radio cells
  • Radio relay
  • Satellite antennas
  • For increasing radio range
  • Carrier for lighting systems
  • Maxi tripod for photography and area monitoring