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German Towers - Your strong partner for purchasing and selling lattice masts and pipe pylons

German Towers trades with new as well as used lattice masts and pipe pylons of all shapes and sizes. We are offering a broad range of services for several kinds of masts for industrial and private use. German Towers operates internationally.


Selling lattice masts and pipe poles

For many years now, we are specialized in selling various radio relay poles and towers for wind turbines. Besides trading in new masts we are holding a large stock of good preserved, used towers. Moreover we are offering accessories and spares parts for your existing masts. Our head quarter is located in Saxony near Leipzig. Additionally we are running storage areas in Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Austria.


Dismantling and purchasing your used towers

Your towers are not longer needed; your project is coming to an end? German Towers handles the dismantling of radio relay poles, wind craft turbines or advertisement towers and many more. We are buying the used masts at the best price. Our assortment of used lattice masts and pipe poles is a cost-efficient alternative instead of new systems.


Conception and production of specific lattice masts or pipe pylons

German Towers assumes the design of new tower systems as well is producing ordered towers of all kinds.


Your partner in transportation logistics for towers and poles

Thanks to our perfectly organized logistics, we can realize transportation from your department in Saxony or from our other storage areas towards the installation site as fair as possible. It is our provided service to organize a skilled heavy-duty transport of your new or used towers.


German Towers cooperates with strong business partners

To meet your wishes and challenges, German Towers works closely together with reliable partners in statics, logistics, and development.